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CityDash AI refreshes daily to bring accurate and anonymized mobile location intelligence for 1000 cities with almost 100% of the population represented in most cities.

The online easy-to-use dashboard provides geo-analytics, deep insights and spectacular visualizations for blocks, neighborhoods, zones, downtown districts, business establishments, convention centers, airports, transit stations, events and festivals.

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City Population Data Coverage

City Events: Engagement Analysis

How many people visit farmers’ markets? What is the trend week over week?

City Events

Cities organize hundreds of events every month, from senior recreaton to adult education to youth camps. Cities also host festivals, sporting events, trade shows, and conventions. CityDash AI tracks people counts for events and provides a quantitative measure of engagement.

City Events

City Graph: People Counts

How can cities evolve beyond
people counting people using tally counters?

City Graph

Cities are getting smarter with people counts. CityDash AI provides pre-computed people counts based on multi-layered city shapes. The drawing tools enable you to also define your own custom shapes on the map, analyze data and save counts for each shape.

City Graph

City IoT: Asset Analysis

What are the ideal locations for installing IoT assets based on people presence?

City IoT

Cities are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in deploying IoT grids and assets. CityDash AI can pinpoint the ideal locations for installing lighting points, charging stations, cameras and sensors based on accurate heat maps of people presence, activity and movement.

City IoT

City Incidents: Impact Analysis

What is the impact of a 311 report or a crime incident on people in the vicinity?

City Incidents

Cities are inundated with 311 reports and crime incidents every day. CityDash AI can help cities to evaluate the impact of a reported incident by providing a deeper understanding of how many people are in the vicinity of the incident at the time of occurrence, and might be impacted by delayed response.

City Incidents

City Zones: Footfall Analysis

How can cities measure the health of their retail and commercial zones?

City Zones

CityDash AI provides macro footfall analysis for commercial and industrial zones, as well as micro analysis for individual establishments, brands and businesses. Cities can combine such data with other indicators to evaluate the overall health of the local economy.

City Zones

City Flow: Stations & Airports

Where did people come from, how long did they stay, and where did they go after?

City Flow

Cities are in need to accurate and continuously updated dispersion analysis, also known as origin-destination analysis. CityDash AI provides the tools necessary to understand the flow of people across different parts of the city, to and from transit stations to neighborhoods and downtown districts.

City Flow

CityDash AI provides important inputs for City Planning Projects, IT & GIS Projects, Infrastructure Projects, Economic Development, Transit Authority, 311 Data Systems, Police Departments, Parks & Recreation, Events and Festivals.


CityDash AI is priced for cities that cannot afford large data science teams or chief data officers. The flat-rate monthly subscription price includes unlimited accounts, unlimited usage and top-tier service and support from the data scientists and geospatial experts at CityDash.

You can start with a free 30 day trial at any time. You will not be asked for a credit card for the free trial.

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